Whilst every situation is different, we launch sales work by using a discovery process to question you on the 10 most important things every business should ask itself. From there, we use our knowledge and your evidence to build sales strategies and processes. 

We are vastly experienced sales consultants who have a track record in the theoretical and practical application of sales strategy. Between us, we have the academic underpinning from MBAs, business degrees, and the world's best and most up-to-date training.


We have the first-hand experience of running our own businesses, scaling other people's and sitting on the Boards and management teams of global organisations, as well as being responsible for multi-million pound P&Ls in a variety of industries.


Collectively, this helps us to use theory, best practice  and applied experience to help you with: 

Sales planning and process

Financial modelling

Selling skills

Winning new business

Customer profiling

Competitor analysis 

Go-to-market planning




We help you get your business to perform at its best through its people. That means giving employees the best possible experience. It's more important than ever to use data and insights to decide what to do, just as you would for your sales or marketing strategies. 


We use a framework to help you understand the importance, impact, and value your people have:

  • Importance - measures how structurally important your people are to your organisation’s performance.

  • Impact - looks at the extent to which your culture allowed your employees to thrive.

  • Value - assesses how effectively you are running your business to allow everyone to contribute. 

We help you with a clear and simple people-measurement framework, an insight-led approach to decision making and the ability to build and deliver robust people-centred business cases. We have extensive experience in advising boards on their engagement strategies, running large and geographically diverse teams, employee engagement, culture, and people analytics. 



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We use The Brand Launchers as our vehicle for all brand marketing initiatives. 

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For customer marketing, we use our first-hand experience of building communities and managing them through marketing funnels. We can help you to convert people from not knowing about you, through being a customer, to becoming an advocate.


We help skill you in the right tools for the job, such as CRM systems, email marketing tools, content management and creation, and analytics.