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We have a depth and breadth of first-hand experience across multiple sectors and industries, business sizes, ownership structures, and cultures. 

We use tried and tested tools and techniques to give you the best support.  

We always work with high energy and dynamism.

We find improvements across the board to help you deliver growth.


You only with with the people that can add the most amount of value to your project 


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Our people


Tim Stoller

"My mission is to help organisations grow. Success comes in many forms and is the result of your ability to think, influence, and get sh*t done. Making that growth a reality is a process of knowing where you want to get to and clearly understanding the problems you are trying to solve to get there. Then you need to employ the best processes, thinking and evidence, and relentlessly go after the few things that will make the difference.

Customers and consumers have historically been my primary focus, and I now work extensively on building organisations through their people and culture. I look at organisations as a linked system, centred around people - consumers, customers/clients, and employees. If you want to deliver growth, you need to understand how each part of the system affects the other, creating a complete plan. 

My in-house experience includes sales, marketing, and research at Kiss 100, BBC, innocent drinks, Lindt & Sprungli, Hovis, and The Happiness Index, before setting up and scaling my own businesses, which are all about helping other people grow theirs! 

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Chris Gomez

Chris is an experienced creative and brand director, who has worked extensively in the marketing and advertising industry. He is an expert in digital marketing and strategy, brand development, online advertising, sports media, media strategy.

Chris is a successful business owner, and more recently has teamed up with Tim on The Brand Launchers, the marketing arm of Your Human Factors, and  Gallivant. 

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Sasha Hanau

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Sasha is an experienced marketing director and HR expert. She has built her career in digital agencies, technology and HR/employee engagement. She runs her own business which advises organisations on their marketing strategies and also helps implement them. 

Sasha and Tim grew The Happiness Index from a start-up to a scale-up, and have subsequently advised other companies on their commercial strategies. 


Simon Wickes

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Simon is an experienced COO with a background in life sciences and healthcare. Having grown his own growth consultancy, Cynapse, and with an MBA from the Henley School of Management, he is a mentor, advisor, and consultant. He also continues to work as the COO on, is a health-tech platform.


Simon and Tim have known each other for over 30 years, and have worked on numerous consulting projects, as well as Your Human Factors.